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Lead worship at David's Tent DC

Want to Lead Worship at David’s Tent?

The government will rest on whose shoulders?  (Isaiah 9:6)  We know that building this altar of day and night worship is going to rend the heavens!  We are looking for worshipers from every tribe, tongue and Nation [all 50 states] to commit to a two-hour time slot for multiple days.  Will you do it?

We are looking to host worship teams from across all denominational lines, music styles [children’s choir to hymnals], and ages. If you can do a consistent slot for many days or weeks, GREAT! If you can do only one slot, also GREAT! For more information about leading worship fill out the form below.


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Our Values

We do this because Jesus deserves it.  Fully God and fully man, he succeeded where each of us since Adam failed.  Jesus’ perfect obedience to his Father broke the power of death and every sin that has debased mankind.  The cleanness and freedom that every heart longs for is now within reach – in Jesus.  We want to be a voice for our nation, shouting “thank you” to Jesus!

Loving Jesus is our only agenda.  We are neither protesting nor promoting any social or political viewpoint.  We do not engage in preaching, political opinions, or extended intercession from the stage – only worship, thanksgiving, and adoration for Jesus.

We let our light shine.  We are so in love with Jesus that we just cannot resist introducing others to him.  We don’t preach from the stage, but our staff and worship leaders constantly watch for opportunities to personally share the good news of Jesus with those who come to the Tent.  We ask for the Holy Spirit to show us those whose hearts are open to an invitation to know Jesus, to receive prayer, or simply to be touched by kindness.

The Tent is a celebration!  “The sound of joyful shouting and salvation is in the tents of the righteous” (Psalm 118:15).  Our songs are focused on thanking, adoring, and praising Jesus more than on laying requests before him.  We want to set a culture in our nation that values and delights in Jesus above all else.

Everyone’s song is valuable.  The worship leader’s role is to provoke each person to a greater release of their own unique expression of love to Jesus, not to provide a performance.  Each believer in Jesus is a temple of the Holy Spirit, and the Church’s great song of love to Jesus will be lacking if any voice is silent.

We embrace unity in diversity where all ages, races, and musical styles come together to lavish love on Jesus.  Every church, ministry, and denomination can agree on at least one thing – that Jesus is worthy of our love.  We long to see every expression of the Church of America represented at the Tent.  The perfect unity Jesus prayed for in John 17:21 is our destiny.

We honor all, but exalt only Jesus.  We invite the Church’s finest talent to lead us, but all titles, achievements, and accolades are left at the door of the Tent.  We gather around Jesus’ throne in equal humility, exalting only Him.  We count it a privilege to become a nameless, faceless generation that makes famous the name of Jesus alone.

We honor Jerusalem.  We are inspired by David’s expression of devotion in setting up a tent in his capital city for the ark of the Lord’s presence.  But we are under no illusion that our nation or any other has taken the place of Israel in God’s plan for mankind.  God calls himself “the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,” and we honor their descendants.

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