Sept 11th 2015 - Nov 8th 2016 Join Us for 424 DAYS of 24/7 Worship in Washington DC

Jason Hershey - DavidsTentDC Founder

Jason has lived in Washington DC since 2006 when God called him to devote his life as an Intercessor for America.  He is the visionary behind David’s Tent DC. When God planted the dream of 40 days of 24/7 public worship on the National Mall in Jason’s heart, he had the courageous faith to simply say “yes!”  He and his wife, Kimberlee, have 5 children, the 5th due in August 2014. 



Ryan grew up in the DC area and has had a heart for 24/7 worship in the nation’s capital since he was a teenager. The past two years, Ryan has served David’s Tent both at the tent with sound engineering and behind the scenes year-round with administration work.



Originally from Austin Texas, Rebecca moved to DC in 2012, where she met her husband Ryan. They have been married for over a year now and are expecting their first child towards the end of this year’s tent! Along with coordinating worship teams for David’s Tent, Rebecca writes a blog chronicling the story of the tent as it happens. Check it out HERE



Allen Avery has been involved since the beginning of David’s Tent.  In 2012 he did a worship set during the “Night Watch”. Since then, Allen hasn’t been able to stay away!  He’s led and played with many teams of worshippers from all over the region.  In 2013, Allen taught music and worship at the David’s Tent DTS and began to work more closely with David’s Tent behind the scenes.


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Worship Teams

We welcome worship teams from every tribe, tongue, nation, denomination, and all 50 U.S. states to help lead this great love song to Jesus. We’ve had nearly every imaginable musical style in past years – if it’s flowing from hearts that are in love with Jesus, it qualifies! In July 2015 we will begin  scheduling the two-hour time blocks, and we give preference to teams that commit to multiple days. To take the next step toward leading worship sets, email Becca at


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